The LashesMD Eyelash Serum uses a proprietary peptide called SymPeptide XLash to strengthen lashes and eyebrows. Because the product is very concentrated, only a small amount of the serum is necessary for each application. When it is applied every night before bed, lashes and eyebrows will begin to appear fuller after about two to four weeks. Designed to promote growth and strengthening during the eyelash life cycle, LashesMD improves the volume, texture and density of lashes.

This product is cruelty free and does not include any parabens or hormones. LashesMD is effective, fast and helpful. It uses a clinically proven formula that is enriched with peptides and natural plant extracts to promote stronger lashes that will resist breakage usually caused by removing makeup and using eyelash curlers.

LashesMD is safe and designed to be non-irritating to eyes. There are no drugs used in the product so it does not require a prescription for use.

Because of the small amount needed with each application, each tube of LashesMD lasts about three to four months. In that time period, lashes will be showing a great deal of improvement, but it is recommended to continue application to support eyelash strengthening when new eyelashes begin replacing the old in the short life cycle of eyelashes.

So if you are looking for a product to improve your lashes quickly and enhance their natural state, LashesMD is definitely one to try!

By Samantha Stull for Clarissa International Media Group

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