Yet it is the simplicity and exquisite tailoring that gives his line edge. Utilizing a neutral palette of black, white, silver, taupe and olive, Carlucci incorporated layering into almost every look. Leather cropped jackets and long knit sweaters with oversized sleeves were popular, with zippers being the favored embellishment. Makeup was dewy and clean, with hair slicked back and out of the way, further highlighting the crisp lines in the pieces.

When asked what he believes his brand is known for, Carlucci stated, “STRATEAS.CARLUCCI is about staying true to its aesthetic, which is a fine balance between sharp, architectural construction and tailoring, combined with dark moods and conceptual themes. Often surrounded by a thick and opaque color palette, the aesthetic allures a sense of purity and intrigue via Masculine/Feminine duality through shape, form, fabric and detail.

It is refreshing when a designer sets out to create their vision and executes it so brilliantly. The masculine edge in the design of the new collection is carried well by the models, with the subtle feminine infusions showing through in a peekaboo sheer top under a cropped blazer, or a soft gathered fabric on a dress paired with an aforementioned leather jacket.

Inspired by “movements in life”, Carlucci says that he draws inspiration and concepts from literature, music, architecture or film. Worldly things that can captivate ones imagination without having one set formula.

The beauty is that, you can feel the inspiration, and be inspired by, this collection. A collection is highly versatile with pieces essential to any S/S 2015 wardrobe.