Models delightfully walked through the Paddington Reservoir Gardens donning oversized metallic necklaces representative of tropical animals and live banana snakes. Coiled as elegantly as a large reptile can be; the large yellow carnivorous additions shocked the crowd and pulled them in even closer to an already captivating show.

Swimwear is the focus of this duo’s fashion house and come summer 2015 the options will be seemingly endless. From zip-front tankinis, to halters and strapless two pieces, the designers are a cut above the rest. Pardon my pun; I was just highly impressed with the variety seen throughout the show. Animal patterns such as tigers, eagles and zebras were dominant and the color palette ranged from oceanic aqua and sunny yellows, to the most electric pinks and oranges. Men’s suits were just as bright and cut shorter than the traditional suits seen stateside.

A highlight included the belted cover-ups that featured large gold or silver lion heads on a brightly colored, sheer pieces. The bold details, that also included customized headphones that matched the suit patterns, floral headdresses and the aforementioned oversized metal neckwear, made the line feel youthful and fun.

Jeremy and Katinka wanted to create a show that was “happy fun”, and our smiles have yet to fade.