Tell us about your personal Style.

My personal style away from the camera is very

casual and comfortable. I enjoy spending time

outdoors hiking and exploring, so you will catch me

wearing a tee, jeans, Merrell’s and a cap. When

dressing for a night out; I prefer classic styles like

Zara, Tommy Hilfiger or Ralph Lauren.

Who is your favorite performance artist?

I really admire three dimensional performers that

evolve and take you on a journey. The naturally

gifted greats such as Denzel Washington and Meryl

Streep do this effortlessly by telling a story with their

performance. I also enjoy listening to musicians like

Freddie Mercury and Frank Sinatra that captivate

you with their lyrical sincerity.

Where is your favorite place to eat?

I have a tendency to pick quaint ‘hole in the wall’

restaurants, where you know the food is bound

to be an experience coupled with an incredible


What inspires your art?

A challenge that catapults me beyond my own

expectations. Whether it’s creating music or learning

a new character, it’s the organic process of refining

my artistic vision that allows me to be a stronger

person and performer.

What is the most relaxing place on Earth?

Anything outdoors and I am all for it! I’ve recently

found a passion for exploring abandoned cave

mining systems. There is no greater bliss like being

underground in a preserved tomb where past

explorers have ventured. To feel the cool breeze of

the underground air ducts and to hear the dripping

sound of water that has been trapped forever by the

earth’s stone grip, is total relaxation.

Do you work with any charities?

I love giving back to organizations that help rescue

animals as well as foundations that cater to sharing

experiences and supporting kids and young teens.

Instagram & Twitter: @wyattraywalter

Facebook: @wyattwalter