Photographer: Tim Schaeffer @timschaefferphoto

Hair: Matilde Campos @tildebymatilde

Makeup: Anton Khachaturian @antonmakeup

Stylist: Honey Ayala @everybodywantshoney

Pants: Andre Emery @andreemeryofficial


Runway Magazine Interview Answers

  1. My personal style is all over the board. I like to change things up all the time depending on how I feel that day. As a kid I loved accessorizing my school uniforms and I still like to play around with accessories where I can go from classy to trendy or from sweet to edgy.


  1. On the red carpet I wear whatever makes me feel and look good but I do like Roberto Cavalli and Versace a lot.


3.I play the role of Hartley, who is kind-hearted and charismatic. She befriends her new neighbors, the Madden family, and finds out they are villains in hiding. She helps them keep their villain secret and goes on all these crazy adventures with them throughout the season. While trying to teach them to be more kind and see the good in other people, she on the other hand, learns to become tougher and stand up for herself more.


4.I learned to act at the age of 10 but didn’t take it very seriously until the age of 13.


  1. My favorite thing in my closet is my Prada monolith boots


6.Bob’s Burger 🤩 is my favorite place to eat.


7.Yes, I have two dogs (a rescue puppy and a chihuahua), 3 cats and a horse.


8.My daily life right now consists of working on set 5 days a week, writing music and going into the studio to record music.


9.I don’t get a lot of free time. There is always something that has to be completed for either my music or acting, social events and then the normal daily requirements of caring for my animals.


10.VOVV is really my first big role in the industry so right now this is my favorite 😄.


11.I work with dog animal rescues and with the Brooke USA foundation; this foundation teaches owners in the underdeveloped countries how to care better for their horses, donkeys and mules because these animals have an important role for the survival of the family.


12.@kaydenmuller on all socials