Tell us about your personal style.

I’m pretty much stuck in the 70s. I’ve dressed the same

way since I was a teenager and I’m most comfortable

in a pair of Levi’s or flares and a T-shirt. I try not

to support fast fashion so am a big fan of Vintage

clothes. I always joke that I love animals more than

people and don’t like the idea of wearing them. So,

any leather jackets I own are vintage or handed

down to me. And I search out vegan leather shoes

and brands.

What designers do you like to wear on the red carpet?

Don’t laugh but I haven’t been to a red-carpet event

since 2017! My mom had cancer, so I took off for a couple years to take care of her and then we went straight into the pandemic. Seems like there’s always some new strain of Covid going around so I haven’t been to any red-carpet events lately.

What is your favorite role?

Probably Ms. Gleason in “Bad Kids Go To Hell”. It was fun to play an overzealous character. Dressed conservatively! With loads of school spirit! It didn’t suck working with Judd Nelson either!

Tell us about your style of comedy?

Comedy is my first love for sure. Then horror films! There are definite rules and a rhythm that goes with a comedic script. I would love to play more over the top characters. It’s fun to embrace the crazy!

What is the strangest interview you’ve ever done?

Hmmm. I’ve done A few interviews in some interesting places! I did an interview for FHM Australia while having cocktails in a hot tub overlooking the Mediterranean Sea while I was working in Spain.

And an interview for another UK magazine, I can’t remember which one, while I was on a boat in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico headed to the dry Tortugas! We literally stopped the boat in the middle

of the sea and just chilled there for an hour while Idid the interview! There was a sea turtle swimming around us it was amazing! I may have jumped out of the boat to swim with the sea turtle!

You have been named as one of the sexiest women on the planet. We think of you as one of the most elegant Woman on the planet and an inspiration to young women.

Do you feel that title fits you better?

It always amazes me when I book sexy acting roles and print jobs. I don’t see myself that way at all. When I first started working a lot, I was always worried the clients were going to realize they made a mistake and send me home! Calling me one of the most elegant women on the planet is a huge compliment! I’m not sure I live up to that, but I’ll take it! It’s very easy to do on shoots When you have a team to put you together. As far as being an inspiration to young women. I think I’m proof that you can do anything you set your mind to. I am not even 5’5” and I have worked as a model all over the world! So, the moral of that story is dream big!

Do you feel sexuality is overrepresented in

the industry?

Yes! The bottom line is sex sells. The boundaries have been pushed and what is socially acceptable becomes more and more risqué. It amazes me the level of nudity That is expected in magazines and even on television shows that Children watch. It’s unfortunate but I don’t see things changing. I’d like to add to that… I have appeared in a lot of very sexy photo shoots in magazines which I personally produced and own the rights to. I figured out early on better to take control of my images and be the one calling the shots and earning the dollars from them.

Who is your favorite Acting Coach?

I have two! They are both amazing so don’t make me choose! I have studied at a lot of different acting studios. Any fellow thespians who are reading this Alex Taylor has a Phenomenal Meisner based acting school in Burbank that I highly recommend! If I could go back in time, I would immediately start by studying with Alex before going to any other classes. He really teaches you to listen and trust your instincts and that everything comes from that. I also really love Zack Barnett. I originally met Zach when I was taking classes at Margie Haber‘s and started coaching with him for auditions. Can’t say enough good things about Zack! He is Soo talented and very specific and a genius at breaking scripts/scenes down. He Really helps me get clear and I always feel great about my choices after coaching with him.

Do you have any pets?

Yes! I I’m a big believer in adopting animals in need and when it’s the right time they seem to find their way to my house! I have the sweetest most social cat named King Leo. He is a character and I regularly post funny videos of him on my Instagram! I had a close friend named, David Laventhal, who did so much to help stray cats and feral colonies. I used to foster, and bottle feed the kittens he rescued that were too young to be away from their mothers. King Leo is one of them and ended up needing special attention, so he came to live with me permanently. I also have I wonderful Aussie shepherd named Bodhi! Who is named after Patrick Swayze’s character in the original “Point Break” film! My close friends lost their house in the Malibu fires, so Bodhi came to stay with me for what I thought was going to be a couple weeks. Two years have gone by and he’s now a permanent resident! He’s such a good boy and a great guard dog. I can’t imagine my life without him!

How much free time do you get?

Free time? I don’t even know what you mean!When you are self-employed, I don’t know that there’s such a thing. Most of my jobs shoot out of town. Until my mom got sick, I was gone literally 80 to 85% of the time. Taking time off to care for her really highlighted all the things that were missing from my life, and I made the decision to slow down and travel less for work. Tell us about your vintage shop Stylish Hoarder. And how did you come up with that name?

So, I was originally going to school studying art history and interior design. My plan was to be an interior designer but after five months I started booking a lot of modeling and acting jobs and decided to drop out and pursue a career in the entertainment industry. It’s hard to turn down a paying job in an exotic location to go to school and study! I’m the person that redecorates whenever I go through a breakup or traumatic experience. I am always changing up my house, painting my fridges, refinishing my floors and doing different DIY projects. I have always done interior design projects on the side and helped friends decorate. I always thought I would end up living in the country doing interior design while running a little vintage home decor shop. Long story short I promised my mom before she passed that I would open a shop. During the pandemic it really gave me something to do. I literally would spend my days doing restoration projects then photographing and posting the items on my Shop IG page. I haven’t made it to the country yet, but I did open a little shop in the Old Barn Antique mall in San Juan Capistrano!

The shop is my hobby that turned into a fun business! I literally get to bring joy to people’s houses! I’m Having a lot of fun with it! Follow my vintage shop @Stylishhoarder!! As far as the name. I’m not actually a hoarder! It means

My shop is filled with a Lotta good sh*t!

What is your favorite dessert?

I have a huge, sweet tooth! I love ice cream! One of my favorite dessert places to go to is called Somi Somi!! It’s a Korean dessert called

“Ah-Boong”, A fish shaped waffle cone made fresh so it’s warm, with your choice of filling I get Nutella! Then soft serve ice cream and toppings! Yummy! Do you work with any charities? I love animals and I’m a huge animal advocate so I I’m partial to animal charities! One of my favorites is Catmandoo . My friend David recently passed away he ran a permanent animal shelter out of his house and Catmandoo rescue really stepped up and took in his beloved cats. Check out their site catmandooandtommytoo.Com. The Gentle Barn also does amazingwork rescuing farm animals. You can visit theGentle Barn in Santa Clarita and hang out with the animals and hug the cows! I highly recommend it! Tell us about the film Lockdown which came out recently Lockdown was released last month by Lionsgate. It’s a crime thriller directed by Max Cerchi. The cast includes Michael Pare, Bai Ling, Michael Wainright, Scott Engrotti and Raj Kala and myself! I play an FBI agent. The story is shot in a police station/jail. It’s really about the boys and highlights them! We actually shot it a couple years ago when my mom was sick. Going into the film Max knew the situation with my mom and was really wonderful. I was supposed to be on set every day and unfortunately my mom really took a turn for the worse once we started shooting. So the days I couldn’t be there, which was more than half of them they just shot around me. On the first day of filming I arrived on set a little late for my 7 AM call time after a really hard morning with my mom. My day started with a 4am wake-up. As sick as my mom was, she was still my mom so she got up to make me breakfast! Her vision was seriously affected by the cancer so she didn’t notice there was little tinsel strips on the plate she put in the microwave. A fire insued! Literally flames shooting out of the microwave! Luckily I had just bought new fire extinguishers! Now When I look back on the morning I can laugh about it and remember how great my mom was. But when I arrived on set and saw Max I just starte crying. He gave me a hug and said don’t worry we’ll shoot around it. And I absolutely love him for that.

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