Hair guru and owner of Dry Bar, Alli Webb is a full time mom and started her now booming business out of her very own home. It started out as “Straight at Home”, a business in which Webb would visit people’s homes with her services. Her part-time business blew up bigger than her blowouts, and Dry Bar is now a top-notch blow out bar with multiple locations. With 25 locations nationwide, including New York City and Los Angeles, it’s a booming industry that is taking place of DIY blowouts at home.

Webb has worked with many celebrities, including Faith Hill and Keith Urban, so it’s no surprise that the staff here is no less than top-notch professionals. The staff is there to give you the ultimate experience. I was a bit skeptical at first about paying for something I could do myself, but I must say, when getting the ultimate blow out experience, you start to see what the hype is all about. Not a hair out of place, smooth, sleek strands, and I was pampered in a beautiful atmosphere. Here are some of the top reasons these “bars” are becoming so popular…

  • Blowouts are the sole service offered here at Dry Bar, and they aim to make your 45-minute experience ultra-lavish. Upon arrival, you are greeted with a complimentary glass of either wine or champagne. You can also enjoy a romantic comedy movie on one of the multiple flat screen televisions they have placed around the bar for your enjoyment while you are being pampered.

  • And let’s touch back on the cocktails. Serving salon-inspired spirits, these drinks are usually served when scheduling a private party at Dry Bar. However, you can always opt to have your hair blown in a style named for their concoctions, such as the Sleek Manhattan, or try a delicious Curly Cosmo the next time you come in for the royal treatment.

After checking it out, we are convinced that these salons aren’t going anywhere. And if you find yourself really loving the experience and your results, you can open your own “ Bar Tab” which offers bundles of three, six, or twelve blow out sessions. So give it a shot, and who knows. This hot new bar may just blow you away.