The LuxieLush makeup brushes are some of the brand’s most popular products. All of their brushes are made from synthetic bristles instead of natural animal hair bristles. Makeup brushes with synthetic bristles have been growing in popularity due to their versatility and ability to repel dirt and bacteria better than animal hair bristles, making them easier to keep clean and prevent breakouts. Synthetic brush bristles do not shed nearly as much as those of animal hair.

By using synthetic bristle makeup brushes, such as those of LuxieLush, it is much easier to apply cream based and powder based products than with animal hair bristles. Because of the absorbent nature of animal hair bristles, cream based products will often stain and damage those brushes. With synthetic brush bristles, washing them regularly will prevent the damage of the brush from use of cream based products.

The details on LuxieLush brushes are another feature that make them so appealing. Their baby pink color and rose gold metal make them as pretty as they are functional. Although the brush bristles are synthetic, they are still very soft and come in a wide range of types of brushes, so there is a LuxieLush brush to fit any makeup application necessity. LuxieLush brushes can be purchased individually if you are just in need of one type of brush, or in sets if you are looking to buy many different kinds of brushes at once. Whether you are in the market for luxury cosmetic brands or LuxieLush’s own line, the website features the ability to view many different lines all at once to simplify your cosmetic shopping.

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Samantha Stull for Clarissa International Media Group

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