There are three products the company offers: energized skin oil, energized body lotion, and center or chakra oils. The energized skin oil replaces your normal moisturizer, and is a blend of light, energized oils that absorbs quickly, balancing oily and dry skin types. It softens facial skin while diminishing the appearance of wrinkles. The energized skin lotion is a body lotion, with a blend of color homeopathy, and select essential oils easily absorbed into the skin, leaving a soft smooth feel. The energy center oils, or chakra oils, are a blend essential oils and a blend of color homeopathy which reduce stress, both physical and emotional. These oils can be used together daily.

One of the major benefits to using this oil is that they are so energetically natural that they absorb into the skin, creating a soft, vibrant feel. The oils change depending on the users’ PH, and responds to each user differently, yet still effectively because of the quality ingredients inside. The natural pure antioxidant oils ingredients are Joboba, Rode hip seed, evening primrose, borage seed, helio-carrot and squalane. Rosewood, geranium, rosemary, enroll, clary sage, myrrh and patchouli are found in the essential oils, and the five homeopathic include arnica, calendula, histaminum, hamamelis, and pink. These ingredients used together are the result of softer, more vibrant, flawless looking skin. The oils heal the skin, minimizes wrinkles, acts as a antihistamine, clears up rashes, and does much more. In particular, many customers in Arizona rave about the wonderful affects PotenShaa has had on their skin.

You can find PotenShaa at Whole Foods locations throughout Arizona and California, as well as on And the best part of ordering from out of state, is the company offers free shipping on all personal orders throughout the U.S.

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By Azure Bruce for Clarissa International Media Group

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