Somehow, some of the “cute” things he did in the beginning turn the source of your nail biting habit. We are not saying any love has been lost; sometimes you just have to make a bigger effort to keep it hot. Excitement doesn’t last forever folks, and you really do have to work to make it last. We have put together a few ideas on how to add some flame to your relationships proverbial fire.

Women have a tendency to over analyze, worry, or feel the need to spice things up in relationships. (Or in my case, perhaps write entire articles on the subject.) Men who have already made the “long term commitment” actually, believe it or not, like the familiarity of the women they are committed to and while they will never argue for extra time in the bedroom, we are the seekers of infinite affection and quality time more often than our male companions.

The first crucial tip: Do not have expectations of perfection that could lead to disappointment. Do not try to plan every spark or sizzle, let it happen and go with the flow. Set aside the time and see where the day, or night, takes you. Below are some ideas to get your started.

Try new places that you have not been together. A new restaurant for dinner, a new quiet bar for drinks, and when you get home… well, you get the idea.

Try taking a trip to a sexy store together to discover your likes and dislikes in the bedroom. Do not be afraid to ask each other questions that help determine what things are right for spicing up your relationship. Keep an open mind and make sure both parties are on the same page, it is never fun to be pressured into anything you are not comfortable with.

Keep your relationship communication open. Do not be afraid to let your partner know exactly what you want out of the relationship, and vice-versa. Do this kindly, no one likes a nag.

Remember how sexy you are! If you are confident in yourself, your partner will notice it. Treat yourself to the salon or to a shop to get a new outfit for your date night that will make you feel amazing.

Remember that with time comes comfort, and that is never a bad thing. Just make sure you both keep having fun with one another to make the journey together that much better!