By using essential vitamins and minerals, The Mane Choice eliminates harsh chemicals and produces immediate results. The line of products includes a “Manetabolism” vitamin specially formulated to nourish body cells and promote healthy nails, hair and skin, as well as boosting energy levels and strengthening the immune system.

Another key product is the Green Tea and Carrot Deep Conditioning Mask available for $17.99. Enriched with biotin, green tea and carrot oil, this treatment repairs and restores damaged hair. This unique product promotes the growth and maximizes retention while leaving the hair healthy and full of shine.

The Mane Choice claims that what separates them from other hair products on the market is their commitment to not just the styling of hair, but its actual health. Their customers rave about the deep conditioner’s ability to noticeably soften hair. All products create maximum and noticeable results with the use of natural and organic ingredients. For more information and a full list of products, visit

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