Available in an assortment of colors, from the classic black though the entire rainbow including camouflage these bracelets are rubber but they are far from flimsy. Each bracelet is created with two thick rubber pieces intertwined to create a stylish but also sturdy accessory. Rubbs’ philosophy is “Comfort Forever” and each bracelet comes with an attached charm to act as a reminder.

In addition to bracelets Rubbs also makes bowties in their signature silicone material. These bowties are perfect for someone who wants to break the mold of a traditional bowtie and stand out. These bowties are both formal and casual, which allows them to be a versatile piece in any wardrobe. They also come in a variety of colors perfect for any situation.

With their bracelets and bowties Rubbs is bringing a fresh new twist to the world of accessories that not only allow a person to be unique, but comfortable.

For more on Rubbs or to purchase, visit www.rubbs.com

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