Western Canada Fashion Week is the longest running and most established Fashion Week in Alberta. We are the only full scale, week-long fashion event, generating more press and excitement than any other fashion event in Western Canada. WCFW supports local and Canadian designers and artisans, while also showcasing some established international designers. We are creating greater public awareness for talent by providing a progressive environment for our designers to promote their collections to an appreciative audience and potential buyers. Photographers, make-up artists, hair stylists, fashion stylists and models have an excellent opportunity to collaborate with emerging and established designers and refine their skills while developing a strong design community. WCFW was founded with the philosophy of promoting and supporting culture, fashion, art and design.

We have developed professional partnerships within Western Canada that work to broaden the range of design work and professional networks. This has increased the potential for artists and designers to promote their business and gain greater recognition. Our Fashion Week is a fusion of art, design, fashion and culture that provides a wonderfull opportunity for designers, artists, performers, video artists and musicians to collaborate on an event unique to Alberta.

Photography Ben Chen TransAlta Arts Barns Western Canada Fashion Week