Are you excited about Breaking Dawn coming out? What was your favorite experience on set?

Of course I am. Now that the premiere is just around the corner I am getting super hyped about it. 🙂

Are you friends with Chaske Spencer who plays your love interest, Sam Uley?

Everyone in the wolf pack group is friends with each other. We’re like a big family. I always say, what you see on the screen is pretty much how we are together in real life.

Prince or Mick Jagger, who has a better style and why?

Hmmmm. Tough one. I’d say Mick Jagger, just cause I’m more into the classic rock style, which I think he is more of then Prince. Still love Prince’s creativity with clothing though.

Do you prefer an edgy look, or do you lean towards a classic style? Why?

More of a classic look. I’d like to look back at my pictures in the future and not be too embarrassed. (Laughs)

How do you describe your personal style?

Classic with an eclectic flare.

Who are your favorite designers and why?

L.A.M.B by Gwen Stefani cause she does “punky” in a sophisticated. Also I love Sue Wong dresses. She has this Old Hollywood feel to her gowns. But I’m still growing as a fashionista, so I’m sure I’ll be adding to my list very soon.

Who is your fashion icon favorite and why?

Gwen Stefani, because she remains true to her old rocker style but she does it in a age appropriate way. She always puts things together that I think no one else could pull off, but she makes it look so effortless. She creates a style; not just wears one.

What do you prefer: buying shoes, purse or jewelry and why?

Jewelry. I’m all about jewelry, not diamonds (unless they’re conflict free), but I’m into beaded stuff, stones, or artistic pieces.

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