That shouldn’t surprise us. When Runway recently met up with Cook, he was totally relaxed (that, or he’s really good at faking it!) and had a great time playing on the roof with our photographer. We loved being able to get to know this talented musician and fun, down-to-earth guy for an afternoon. Here’s part of our conversation:

Runway: You seem so – grounded. How do you keep that quality through your growing popularity?

David Cook: I have amazing friends and family that will quickly bring me back to earth of they see me “floating away”.

R: Do they help you unwind after a crazy day in the entertainment industry?

DC: I really enjoy having friends over to grill out. A good steak, good wine and a good group of friends trumps all.

R: Who or what inspires you on a daily basis?

DC: Different things. If you want to tune into it, there are constant stimuli all around you.

R: But you’re very focused in your music. So tell us, if you weren’t performing, what profession would you be in now?

DC: Oh lord… uhhh…. no clue. I always had my sights set on this, so nothing else ever seemed like an option.

R: What was the first job you ever booked?

DC: My first band and I played at a friend’s birthday party.

R: Ok, switching to fashion: what was the last piece of clothing you purchased?

DC: Two pairs of jeans from Forgotten Saints.

R: Whose current style or general fashion sense do you most admire?

DC: [That’s] hard to say. I’m really into dapper stuff right now; suits, ties, etc. [I’ve] always loved the fit of a Hugo Boss suit.

R: If you could meet any living person, who would it be?

DC: I got a Christmas card from President Obama and his family last Christmas but I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting him, so I’ll say him.

R: If I went to your house and opened your fridge, what would I find?

DC: Well, it’s me, my brother and my guitar player, so, plenty of beverage. And I’m a huge cereal fan, so we always have at least a gallon or two of milk.

R: Last random question: Describe yourself in three words.

DC: Crazy, hungry, repeat.