Face Primer

Face primer prepares your skin for makeup, giving you a smooth, clean canvas so that your makeup stays looking fresh all day. Because of the flawless base it creates prior to makeup application, you should be able to use less foundation and powder.

Most face primers are silicone-based, which helps to smooth imperfections like fine lines and wrinkles. Silicone is not harmful, but you should be aware that just as it helps your skin retain moisture, it can also trap in dirt, sebum and oils that can lead to breakouts with continual or daily use. If you love primer for everyday but have more sensitive skin, look for the brands made without silicone, alcohol or parabens. To use, apply face primer evenly over your face and neck after you moisturize but before you apply your foundation.

Eye Primer

Crease-proof, flake-proof and weather-proof your eye makeup with an eye primer. An eye primer, like a face primer, is designed to create the perfect foundation for eye makeup to bind to so that your eye makeup looks better and lasts longer. Fine lines and other imperfections around the eye and on the lid can be concealed, creating a smooth, even surface for shadow to adhere to. There are even eye primers designed to use prior to applying eyeliner or mascara. You will find that an eye primer and face primer have similar ingredients, but eye primers are designed to be more gentle. Most eye primer products will come with their own applicator tool. Simply swipe a tiny bit of the primer on lids and you’ll have the perfect canvas for your eye art!

Lip Primer

Lip primer sets the lips up to look plump and kissable all day long with moisturizing ingredients like Vitamin-E and beeswax. Some formulas include sunscreen to protect lips from sun damage. Use a lip primer under any color lipstick, lip liner or even gloss. Allow it to dry for 30 to 60 seconds before applying your color.