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Fall Fitness 2010


You’ve finally got that summer body you have always wanted. Nevertheless, just because swimsuit season is coming to a close does not mean that you have to fall right back into your old routine. Simply follow Runway’s ten simple steps that can easily be incorporated into your already healthy lifestyle, and you’ll be able to keep your body bikini ready yearround.

1.) Eat a High Fiber Breakfast: Don’t even think about skipping breakfast this morning. In fact, why not indulge? Make your mornings something to look forward to with a homemade fruit, yogurt and high fiber cereal parfait. Perhaps you would rather make your own wholewheat pancakes, packed with flax seed and wheat germ? Either option is incredibly delicious, and will most importantly stick with you throughout even the most hectic mornings. When you choose to skip breakfast, it is much more likely that you will snack throughout the day. Fiber allows us to feel fuller for longer periods and slows down the onset of hunger. Not only is fiber filling, it is also helpful in the protecting our bodies against heart disease, diabetes and even certain cancers.

2.) Switch Out Coffee for Tea: Not only is green tea refreshing but it also has many health benefits that even include the ability to enhance fat burning. The caffeine in green tea is also known to cause metabolic changes in the body, which ideally burns more calories. How could tea possibly satisfy a morning coffee craving? Think outside the foam and kick it up a notch. Try to amp up this healthy drink by adding a dash of cinnamon or even flavored soymilk. With these simple modifications you will easily satisfy your need for a morning pickmeup.

3.) Freshen Up: Not only is a minty fresh breath an absolute turn on, but it also keeps us from snacking inbetween meals. Be sure to always keep a piece of sugar-free gum handy whenever those tantalizing office snacks make their way into the office break room. Moreover, gum has the perfect amount of sweetness to satisfy your sugar craving. Some would even ague that chewing gum also helps curb our appetites. Fresh breath is also a crucial necessity for another calorie burning activity, kissing! Kissing can burn around five calories per minute. While that may not be much, it is a fun way to cut a few extra calories from your day!

4.) Get up and Move: Sometimes, even the most basic alterations in our daily routine can make a difference. Instead of waiting for the elevator, take the stairs. Choose a parking space that requires more of a walk. Get out of bed and walk around during a long phone call. Play with your kids, wash your car or even mow the lawn. Any form of excess movement can work to your advantage. Even fidgeting will increase the amount of calories burnt daily. Take the time to become more conscious of your movements, and do not just settle for the easy way out.

5.) Flavor your Healthy Foods with Healthy Alternatives: Surprisingly enough, spices and herbs are some of the healthiest options out there. Garlic and cinnamon are two flavorful ingredients that are also known to be excellent sources of antioxidants. Ginger is known to help decrease water retention, and sooth nausea. Cayenne pepper is loaded with many necessary vitamins and minerals and may also speed up your metabolism. Instead of reaching for the heavy cream in the kitchen, opt for some of these spices and give your dish a taste lift that is packed with nutrients.

6.) Create an On the Go Workout Routine: Whatever workout routine you choose should be perfect for a long day at the office or even an activity-filled vacation. Make some time to do crunches, situps, pushups, stepups or lunges wherever possible. Incorporate a core workout between commercial breaks of your favorite show. Find time to take a light jog during a family beach outing. A combination of any of these workouts should make you feel less guilty for taking a day off from the gym.

7.) Don’t be Afraid of Healthy Fats and Protein: Women often hide from protein because they believe it will cause them to bulk up instead of slim down. However, protein and healthy fats are crucial in longterm weight loss success. Much like fiber, both protein and healthy fats help fight off hunger by making you feel full longer. This is simply because protein takes the body more time to digest, and fat digestion requires the most amount of energy. Proteins help fuel our body, but most importantly, protein assists our body with muscle repair. Healthy fats like avocados, olive oil and salmon are jam-packed with nutrients that help promote optimal heart health. Studies show that certain fats can even help lower cholesterol and regulate blood pressure. There is no need to completely avoid these healthy foods just because are high in calories.

8.) Invest In Some Toning Shoes: Muscle toning shoes may not be the answer to all of your exercise problems, but they are certainly are an improvement from the standard sneaker. These shoes were created to help enhance the owner’s posture, core and balance. Toning shoes are the perfect companions for a day at the park or even a trip to the mall. They also help reduce the amount of stress placed on your knee and hip joints during regular physical activity. The best part about this product is that minimal effort is needed to see results.

9.) Add Intervals to your Workout: Instead of maintaining the same speed and intensity throughout the duration of your cardio workout, try adding intense intervals to maximize results. For example, after 30 minutes of cardio find time to do ten sets of sprints with short breaks in between. Once you have reached the 30-minute mark of your cardio workout, your body automatically shifts into fat burning mode. The sooner you do these sprints after your run, the more evident your results will be. You can also incorporate sprints into your workout. For instance, if you are riding a stationary bike, alternate between three minutes of intense pedaling and two minutes at a slower pace for 30 minutes straight. This workout strategy will allow you to lose three times more body fat than biking at a steady pace for the same amount of time.

10.) Sleep One Extra Hour Each Night: The right amount of sleep is the most important thing one can do to say fit. Our bodies repair itself while we sleep and allow us to obtain the ideal amount of energy to take on each and every day. When our bodies miss out on sleep, our hormones are thrown out of whack. These hormones affect our bodies – our energy use and even appetite. The less you sleep, the more likely you are to break your diet or skip the gym. After all your hard work, find time to give your body the rest it deserves.

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