Denim on Denim is a hot for summer. The trend started last year in London and has worked its way into main stream over the last year.

Here is a few points that will help you wear the trend.

Limit the denim on denim. Sounds like an oxymoron, but you only need two pieces of denim for your look. A jacket and shorts is enough to demonstrate the trend without needing a denim shirt with it all.

Flash some skin. Opting for denim shorts or cropped pants rather than full length jeans will naturally keep your denim ensemble from overwhelming the eye.

Use other lively fabrics to compliment your denim look. Denim is usually a safe way to ground sparkly sequins or printed floral pieces. With that said, break up your denim look with the same patterned and flashy pieces.

Mix (but don’t match) your denim tones. Contrast and balance a lighter, washed out denim with a dark black or navy denim. Instead of upping your fashion forward look, wearing a head-to-toe shade of denim will knock you down to the “Jennifer Lopez’s Denim Jumpsuit” level