A is for ALL ACCESS. Go behind the scenes all night long from the first star to shine on the Red Carpet to the final bow.


B is for BEST PICTURE. See all the Best Picture nominees for the 2018 Oscars right here!

C is for CHALLENGE. As in The Official Oscars Challenge! No purchase necessary, but tons of fun required. Make your Oscar predictions for a chance at some great prizes!

D is for DIRECTING. See all the Directing nominees for the 2018 Oscars.

E is for EVERY OSCARS EVER! Check out 90 Stories from 90 Years of Oscars right here, right now!

F is for FASHION. Check out some of the best red carpet outfits of all time!

G is for GLOBAL. See how you can watch the Oscars 2018 live internationally.

H is HOST. Here’s everything you need to know about this year’s Oscar Host – JIMMY KIMMEL!

I is for IN MEMORIAM. You’ll be able to see the full gallery for those we lost in 2017 right here on

J is for JUST KIDDING. The Best Picture mishap from the 2017 Oscars is just one more reason why Oscar Sunday is destination viewing. You never know what will happen!

K is for KISS. You never know who will plant one on a presenter. Just ask Halle Berry!

L is for LEADING LADIES AND LEADING MEN. See the nominees for Actor in a Leading Role and Actress is a Leading Role for the 2017 Oscars.

M is for MUSIC MOMENTS. We’ll have all the top Music Moments of the night playing right here!

N is for NOMINEES. Here’s the full list!

O is for OSCAR PARTY. Here’s how to throw the perfect Oscar bash.

P is for PRESENTERS AND PERFORMERS. See who is presenting the Oscars and who will be performing all the nominated songs.

Q is for QUESTIONS. Think you know the Oscars? Take our 21-Question Salute to Oscar Trivia.

R is for RED CARPET. This is your one-stop spot to see all the stars shine LIVE OSCAR SUNDAY.

S is for SUPPORTING STARS. See the nominees for Actor in a Supporting Role and Actress is a Supporting Role for the 2018 Oscars.

T is for TRAILERS. Check out the official trailers for every single nominee.

U is for UNDERDOGS. If you can pick even just one possible upset come Oscar Sunday, then you’ll be ahead of the game as far as The Official Oscars Challenge.

V is for VIDEO ON DEMAND. The full Oscars telecast will be available for viewing the day after the ceremony on both and Oh, and we’ll have clips from the show going up right after they happen LIVE OSCAR SUNDAY!

W is for WATCH. Here’s how you can watch the Oscars from anywhere!

X is for the X-FACTOR. You never know what’s going to happen during the Oscars, so it’s best to strap in and watch every moment on ABC,, the ABC app and

Y is for… Yeah, we’ve got nothing for Y. Moving on!

Z is ZINGERS. We’re fairly confident Oscar host Jimmy Kimmel will have more than a few of them during the ceremony. We’re wondering if a few of them will be aimed at Matt Damon again this year.