Tell us about your music.

I like making the music that I want to listen to. Since the voice was my first instrument, I like vocal-heavy music that has a visceral feel to it.

Tell us about your personal style.

My style seems to change a lot with my mood (I get dressed a few times a day even). But I love wearing cantilever heels and anything that draws attention

What is your favorite instrument?

Has to be the piano, I’ve been in love with it since I can remember. Violin is a close second though!

What is your favorite thing in your closet?

Probably all my odd accessories! Masks, jewels, capes, cat ears, etc. (I’ve even got a necklace made of human teeth!) Since Halloween is coming soon, I get to use them all as well!

Do you have a favorite purse?

I usually carry around a black leather backpack purse, functional and easy 🙂

Tell us about an average day.

Is there an average day?

I’m not sure I have those haha

But typically I wake up around 8, take my vitamins, do pilates at the gym, get back home and do 30mins-1hour of warmup before writing, and then around 7 I usually meet up for dinner with my best girlfriends.

I think that’s about as close to average as I can get

What do you do to destress?

Yoga, music, massages, and good nights out with even better people

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Atlanta. I learned so much, I even had my first band there. Couldn’t live there again, but it’s nice to visit!

What is your favorite color?

Yellow! ?

What is next for you?

Currently working on getting everything together for an EP. I don’t have an exact date on it yet, but keep an eye out 😉

Plug your social media

Instagram: @kityfayaofficial

Twitter: @kityfaya

FB page: Kity Faya