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The world has had its fair share of odd fashion trends. From the shoes constructed of hair at this year’s Gucci show to less weird but unexpected incorporation of food into designs, fashion is no stranger to working the unusual into the industry. Now, gas masks at Beijing’s Graduate Fashion Week have taken center stage in the world of interesting artist choices.

Chinese fashion appears to be having a major moment in the industry. This year’s Met Gala theme was “China: Through the Looking Glass,” and many of the gorgeous celebs who attended wore Chinese designers. Perhaps no one made as much of a splash as Rihanna though. The singer’s stunning Guo Pei cape stole the show at the famously star studded event leading to a surge in interest for budding Chinese designers, much like the talented students showcasing at Graduate Fashion Week.

The designers in Beijing come from China Academy of Art, Dalian Polytechnic University, and Southwest University, and many of the students seem to be working toward a mask trend in their fashion. The masks do seem to operate at a significant intersection between functionality and political statement. China’s air is notoriously polluted, and by incorporating the masks into the collections, grads are adding an element of practicality to the fashion. However, the question needs to be raised if the masks are, in fact, a way to make a statement about the pollution levels.

Regardless of the message behind the masks, their intricately designed and stunning, and if this is what the up and coming fashion from China looks like, we’re anticipating a lot more of their designs at future Met Galas.

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