We love our purses, right? Well, let’s keep them organized with only the things we need, good, quality things instead of a million things we forgot we even had. Clean out your purse once a week to prevent a clutter of items that cause you to accidentally grab a tampon out instead of a pen. Don’t pretend it hasn’t happened, or almost happened to you before! Check out our list of must-haves to keep in your daily purse. As for your night-time clutch, bare essentials only—and yes, that includes make-up. Come on, we’re not barbarians!

Wallet or Change Purse Wallets can be bulky, but they can double nicely as a clutch. Roxy makes a fabulous wallet/clutch that can easily be grabbed right out of your daytime purse to take out for the evening. Or you can minimize to a change purse that clips to the interior of your purse. This way, your money, keys, I.D. and credit cards are easily accessible to you, but still zipped away. We love the Tory Burch heart-shaped coin purse.

Lip gloss Of course, lip gloss is important in any girl’s life. Whether it’s a sheer shine you need or fall’s favorite shade of plum, lip gloss somehow gives us super powers to tackle any day. Eye Make-up You never know when you’ll need a touch up. Maybe you weren’t planning to go get that after work cocktail, and your eyes could use a little nighttime switch. We love the Rainforest After Dark palette from Tarte. Not only does it serve your eye purposes, but you can also use it on your cheeks.

Flats No one wants to be stuck in shoes that hurt. Whether you’re breaking in a new pair of work shoes, or want to dance in heels, always keep spare flats in your purse. Your feet will thank you for it!

Umbrella “But it’s not going to rain today…” Famous last words. Come on, how often is the Weather Channel right? Not often enough. Keep a tiny umbrella in your purse and never look like a drowned rat again!

Small Hair Accessories You know that one strand of hair that was nicely in its place before you left the house? Well, an hour later, it’s waving like a white flag surrendering to the wind. The only way to win this battle would be to pin it back. Luckily, you always keep an emergency supply of hair pins and bands. Right?

Snacks and/or Lunch We know what you’re thinking. “Oh, I’ll just grab something on the way.” Sometimes we get so caught up, we forget to eat until we’re starving. By that time, we’ll make the poorest choices. Save calories, save money, and bring a few items from home. Plus, you never know when your day can lead you to some place, like a broken down Subway car, where you can’t get food for a while.

Cell Phone and Charger Alright, your phone is kind of a given. You never go anywhere without it. Now, the charger on the other hand? Often forgotten at home and regretted later. If you have a spare charger, keep it in your purse. If you don’t have a spare, get into the routine of packing your charger in the morning with your lunch/snacks.

Tablet Though not a necessity, most purses these days come equipped with a pouch for your tablet, so why not? Plus, they’re compact and lightweight enough that they won’t weigh you down. Besides, if you are stuck on that Subway car, at least you can entertain yourself with a good book or movie.

Feminine Products Even if it’s too early or you just had your time of the month, you never know when you or a friend might have an emergency. Keep a couple of tampons or maxi pads in a small make-up bag in your purse. This will protect you from reaching for your lip gloss and accidentally pulling out an embarrassing item.

Published in the Fall 2014 issue of RUNWAY®