Saint Tropez is often referred to as “the getaway for the stars”; however, it is also stomping grounds for those that know what it means to enjoy life. Its beaches, ports, and villages are a natural extension of the French culture and it is a place so many have come to love. If romance and nights of fun are on your agenda, you have to indulge in the nightlife. Les Caves du Roy is the most noted nightclub that is part of Hotel Byblos. Paparazzi free and a sanctuary of music, you can never go wrong. With the baroque design accents, you will feel like a god or goddess upon every visit. From night to day, you can also find exciting locations to romp around with that special someone.

Pampelonne Beach has been a famous beach in Saint Tropez since the 1950’s and this fact stands today based on the average of 30k visitors that frequent the area daily during the high season of summer. Additionally, the beach clubs are number one when it comes to where the stars want to party. Club 55, Tahiti Beach, and Moorea are some of the standout clubs, just to name a few. From politicians to icons to royalty, they are dazzled with the exclusivity that includes spectacular beachfront restaurants such as Les Jumeaux. The oldest beaches that add to the ambiance of Saint Tropez are Plages La Glaye, La Ponche, and de la Fontanette. These beaches, like the others, give visitors the opportunity to experience a variety of white sands and lounging areas with quality views.

If you are a people watcher, or want to find more of that romantic air, you can find no better options than what’s available seaside or in the ports. Not to mention a Saint Tropez sunset mirrors the dramatically beautiful skyline for a beautiful backdrop to your rendezvous. The allure of the chic village might even make you voyeuristic, especially as the isolated beach highlight the opportunity to cuddle and spend quality time with your special someone. Saint Tropez, even though recognized as a fishing village, has a plethora of exquisite yachts that you can rent, ride or buy. Saint Tropez is a stop for many Mediterranean charter yacht tours, if you desire to set sail along one of the various routes.

Saint Tropez should be on every bucket list for adventurous couples. You’ll find the charm excessively appealing and timeless. A warning, once you do visit, you will want to return immediately because you will want to maintain that sophisticated satisfaction and contentment that no other place can quite satisfy.

Published in the SU2014 issue of Runway