Britney Spears: The Intimate Collection Debuted Today


With seven full collections, or “stories”, available, as well as various other pieces, Spears, along with CHANGE Lingerie, has designed a beautiful line that is elegantly feminine and delicately charming. Inspired by various flowers, the “stories” carry names such as “Amaryllis” and “Bergonia”, and are a mix of girlishly sweet and grown-up Britney. On the sweeter side we see the “Clematis” collection, featuring a pink lace triangular push-up that offers more coverage, and the ruffled dusty rose bra from “Buttercup”, while the black bustiere of “Anemone” and the garter suspenders in “Amaryllis” are more grown-up and sexy.

In addition to lingerie and softer bedroom pieces such as robes and kimonos, The Intimate Collection also offers sweats, basic separates and jersey sleepwear. What we love most about the sleepwear is that it’s still sexy. Comfortable, full coverage ensembles still feature special touches, such as satin ribbons, lace trims and crocheted edges, allowing a woman to feel beautiful no matter what’s on the agenda, or which piece of the collection she is wearing. With most pieces priced under $70, it is a collection that is luxurious and affordable. Making it easy to obtain a whole collection or piece together favorites from each to write your own story.

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