When Circuelle founder Melissa Kirkpatrick discovered a lump in her breast, she envisioned a product that would inspire women to regularly perform self-examinations at home frequently and feel at ease. “Breast health must start with breast awareness. That’s why I created Circuelle,” Kirkpatrick said.

Circuelle is a revolutionary Breast Ritual Crème that is designed to give women a luxurious experience when performing their monthly breast self-examination. Not only is it uniquely formulated to increase touch sensitivity but it also enhances your awareness of any changes in your breasts. Circuelle infuses the skin with an exclusive “Pro-Breast Health Complex,” which carries healing properties and more importantly, hydrates. Furthermore, studies show that Circuelle helps with the movement of the hand across the skin, increases the ability to detect any unusual lumps and instils the skin with Evening Primrose Oil.

Green tea extracts, vitamin D and E are just a few of the fabulous ingredients also included in Circuelle. “Being aware of our bodies is so important,” Kirkpatrick said. “I hope Circuelle opens up the conversation that breast self-exams are one of the most valuable gifts we can give to ourselves and everyone we love.” We agree, Melissa, we agree!

By Eman Fendi for Clarissa International Media Group

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