Pedi Princess is the product that could change all of this. Shown recently at the ISSE in Los Angeles, these stylish flip-flops feature jeweled toe separators to help preserve a fresh pedicure.

Unlike the foam shoes or even normal sandals, Pedi Princess helps to keep toes fully separated after a pedicure to ensure that the polish is not smudged. Whether worn out of the salon or just around the house after a DIY pedicure, Pedi Princess is perfect for both occasions.

With more than ten fun patterns and colors ranging from animal prints to polka dots to camouflage, there is a perfect Pedi Princess for everyone. The sizes range from XS to XL, which is from a shoe size three to a shoe size eleven.

So don’t let yourself be left with no other option than to wear the disposable shoes out of the salon and risk them breaking after you take a few steps, keep a pair of Pedi Princess flip-flops in your car to be used next time you need them. They are useful and so cute that you won’t even remember that you are wearing shoes meant to help your polish dry. You will definitely thank yourself later; especially when you come home with a perfect pedicure.

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Samantha Stull for Clarissa International Media Group

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