Barbara Casasola’s regime was “A modern take on Guy Bourdin,” according to Janeen Witherspoon. MAC focused on creating a light catching effect on the eyes with Pro Pink Pearl Pigment and various lipstick shades blended over the eyelid and up to the brow.

With a striking, electric blue eyelid and bare face, Marques’ Almeida’s makeup emulated “Girls coming back from a rave,” according to Terry Barber. The beauty artists created a raw looking complexion by blending Dusty Mauve Lipstick over the cheeks. But the main attraction was the bright eyes, achieved with the Pro hi-def cyan chromagraphic pencil and Pro hi-def cyan and Marine ultra chromalines.

On the other hand, Meadham Kirchhoff’s look was described as “Pointilism to bring out features…soft, unique, circular washes of coulour; paint like Monet,” said Florrie White. In order to create the picture-perfect finish, MAC used the Peaches sheertone blush for the face, a mixture of matte eye shadows on the lid to create a painted finish and coral eye shadow on the lips.

Sam Bryant said Simone Rocha channeled “Cool punk rock girls with an element of royalty” with the gold leaf applied on the forehead. The makeup team left the rest of the face bare to create a look that focused on the golden centerpiece.

Tamara Kraus for Clarissa International Media Group

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