The Just Cavalli makeup look was “inspired by Margaret Hemingway,” according to Terry Barber. Barely any foundation or lipstick was used on the face and lips, leaving all of the luxury to the eyes. They eyes took on a khaki 70s palette with dramatically placed Au Nature Cream Colour Base and Groundwork Pro Longwear Paint Pot, which were applied with precision to create an oval shape. Fingernails were left nude, while the toes were painted with Black Glow Studio Nail Lacquer “to pick up the dark sky blue in the collection,” Keri Blair said.

The drama was in the lips at the Max Mara fashion show. For this beauty look, MAC Cosmetics was inspired by “the curtain at La Scale and a French bordello,” according to Tom Pecheux. The brows were combed and the eyelashes were curled, but the eyes were left virtually untouched. The lips were painted in full with Hearts Aflame lipstick and then given a matte finish.

MAC made the skin and eyebrows glow on the Moschino runway. Each model was made to be “the Peter Lindbergh girl,” Lucia Pieroni said. The face was defined with Vanilla Pigment to create a luminous, white-hold highlight to the skin while the foundation was swept across the nose and cheeks to create a sun-kissed warmth. The brows were filled to produce a full, boy brow that framed the face. The natural shape of the eye was enhanced and highlighted with Pearl Cream Colour Base. The lips were softened and toned down with a natural lip color to finish.

By Stacia Affelt for Clarissa International Media Group

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