The strategic use of delicate straps and garter cutouts play up the lines fierce sex appeal, while the one pieces and bikini style bottoms actually look quite comfortable without losing their sassy edge. The line is separated into four collections, and from the growing social media following it seems as if the Reckless Wolf women tend to identify with one collection over the others, as if they are forming their own teams, or should we say their own packs? The first collection being the ‘PREY’ set, the most innovative of the four, with the aforementioned innovative cutout design and ‘suspender’ garters that allow Reckless Wolf to standout against its competitors.

The other highly desirable sets include the animal printed harnesses and thongs of ‘HUNTED’, the ‘HOWL’ separates, featuring feminine bowtie belts and more delicate touches, and the ‘CAGED’ set which appropriately lends more coverage in briefs, body suits and skirts. A simplistic, yet diverse, line that makes it hard to choose just one set as a favorite. Reckless Wolf logo and name branded t-shirts also available to purchase.

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Reckless Wolf