For those of us who have hectic schedules, it is nice to have these handy tricks on hand to know how to look red carpet ready anytime, anywhere, without all the time and effort.

The cat-eye liner is a quick, fun, red-hot beauty trick every woman should master. Cat eyes are a sexy style on every eye type. With all of the new eccentric trends celebrities and their stylists come up with, sometimes it is not always easy to keep up on what is hot and what is not. Runway is here to help you with beauty do’s and don’ts this season, and this classic look is always a do.

Below you will find the few simple “How-To” feline fixes to give you that “purrfect” cat eye.

Step 1
It is always best to start with a clean face. Start by applying an eye shadow primer to the eyelid all the way to the brow bone. (Use sparingly, a little primer goes along way!) Let the primer dry.

Step 2
With a black eyeliner (liquid or a crayon eyeliner works best), draw a line starting from the inner corner of the top lash line to the outer corner of your lashes, creating a thicker line as you reach the end of your lash line. Add a “wing” with the liner as you near your outer lash line. To thicken the line for a darker effect, continue to add thickness to the “wing” until desire look is achieved. A liquid liner is great for adding length and thickness to the “wing” effect.

Step 3
Carefully, with your liner, create a base for your shadow by drawing a line in your natural eyelid crease until you reach the thickest point of liner BEFORE the wing. Blend.

Step 4
Fill in from the crease of your eyelid (where you lined with pencil) to the base of your lashes, with eye shadow. (I find that a darker shadow works best a dramatic nighttime look.)

Step 5
Touch up the “wing” after adding your shadow to reach desired length and thickness. Apply additional liner to the inner lash line at the bottom, and just below lashes. Blend to create a smoked eye effect on your bottom lash line.

Step 6
Using a liquid highlighter just beneath your brows, blend from your brown bone to the dark lid you created.

Finally, add your favorite mascara, and you will have achieved a look that will deliver lasting drama throughout your evening. From one fast-paced fashionista to another, farewell until next time!