Melin, derived from the word milliner, a person who creates hats, has been seen on the heads of countless celebrities, MVPs, musicians, and actors such as Chris Johnson, Mike Posner, and even Academy Award nominee Hailee Steinfeld. With hats starting from $150 and upwards to more than $1,000, Melin has raised the bar on standards in quality. Using only the most prestigious materials such as doeskin wool, napa leather, pig suede, and even diamonds, Melin takes pride on their strict quality control ensuring 32 points of hand inspections per cap.

Of course, with their designs reminiscent of Italian high fashion and a mixture of Corey’s love of classic sports hats and Brian’s background in the street and skate culture, stunning fabrics, details down to the smallest point, (each hat has a hidden “besom” stash pocket, custom stainless hardware, and moisture-wicking interior lining) they have caught more than just the eyes of headwear aficionados. “The toughest part is the mere volume of people out there trying to copy or spin you off all the time,” says McDonell.

Their solution? Never sweating over the competition and packaging their hats in a handsome, hard travel box with a certificate of authenticity mounted within each one.

With goals of making the world’s best hats and expanding their company with secret projects, (I’ll let you in on one…premium beanies) Melin is set to take the throne as the new king of luxury headwear. And why can’t they? As the Melin motto declares, “Because We Can.”For more information, check out their website at

By Clarissa Burt with Frederick Hill

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