Because of the brand’s global efforts in eco-friendly packaging, which saves about 2,000 trees each year, and its donation to charity, CC Corso Como has made a luxury brand shoe unlike any other, with both the environment and the customer in mind.CC Corso Como also gives a portion of every sale to charity. But not only are the shoes safe for the environment, they also keep your feet safe as well! Ballasox are lined with a soft, form-fitting sock that is sewn into the plush leather lining, taking comfort to an unparalleled level.

Ballasox come in a variety of colors and styles, including studs, animal prints and skulls. Some are even fleece-lined, making them a perfect accessory for the coming winter months.

Easy-to-wear and take on the go, Ballasox have revolutionized the idea of practical, high fashion shoes. For more on the company or to purchase, visit

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