For German founder Karl Kaehler, design and esthetic came first when he launched Sen7 in 2010. Kaehler said he wanted to make a product that looked like a lighter, and was different from other products in that it didn’t look cheap and wasn’t made of plastic.

Instead of just being a simple device, Sen7 pays attention to quality. The atomizer has a smooth feel and metal shell. The round shape makes it easy to pull from any pocket or bag. Sen7 also comes in a variety of fashion-inspired colors, with three new colors coming out each year to keep up with modern trends.

Sen7 comes empty, so you can fill it with a small amount of your favorite scent. If you get bored with that smell, change it up by refilling your bottle with something new!

Kaehler said in addition to your phone and keys, Sen7 is a product you should always have with you. “It’s a lifestyle and unisex product,” Kaehler said.

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