Have no doubt about it, The Blonds know space-age style! The New York Fashion Week show opened with an astronaut stepping out on the catwalk and stripping down to the 635x500 4635x500 6635x500 33

collection’s first metallic outfit! With a start like that, it was no surprise that one dramatic look after another stunned on the runway.

The embellishments on The Blonds’ new pieces were absolutely phenomenal. Intricate glass work and detailing by Max Steiner for The Blonds gave the pieces contrasting delicate edge. All of the models wore Christian Louboutin heels as they strutted down the catwalk — which kicked up the glam factor of each look!635x500 32635x500 34

From a Tweety bird bodysuit to a swan-themed dress, the brand delivered some of their signature over-the-top styles. But edgy corsets and chic blazers are totally wearable pieces!

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