Are you excited about VEEP? Tell us what’s it like to work with Julia…

I am so excited. What a ride! Julia is such a great example and joy to work with. I learned so much, she is a testament to someone who does what she loves so it doesn’t feel like work.

How do you describe your personal style?

I wear simple but eloquent; stylish but not forced. If you feel good in it, 9 times out of 10, you look good in it.

Do you prefer trend over what you personally like best or do you do what suits you regardless of what is in style?

I try to wear what looks good and is comfortable but do appreciate new styles and trends, especially accessories to give the outfit a little more flare.

Who is your fashion icon favorite and why?

I love Kanye West. He is a great example of someone who wears what he wants and doesn’t care what people say. He definitely sets the trends. Anyone else see his music video on youtube w Jay-Z and Kanye is wearing a quilt? I love that!

What are some of your staple fashion items in your closet and why?

A quilt like Kanye! Just kidding, for sure a black classical dress. You can always dress it up or dress it down. I love anything 80s throwback. I admit it, I have a 80s throw back stash of clothes in my closet. Especially the Fresh Prince of Bel Air glasses. When in doubt go 80s.

Shoes or jewelry and why?

Shoes and jewelry tell a lot about a person. Shoes can be a great compliment to the outfit but I go for comfortable shoes because I have to wear them all day. Having a variety of shoes is a necessity but accessories help tell your style. I am big on hats and glasses too. They can transform an outfit. I think scarfs are great as well.

Here is sneak peak of the show, enjoy!