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Whether you’re dressing for success, dressing to impress, dressing up or dressing down, has all the tools you need to enhance your style. With you can mix and match your clothes and preview your looks without having to pull everything out of your closet. Simply upload individual photos of all the items in your closet and then place them in any combination on your personal avatar.

Plus, our Personal Style Advisor is always available to help you find the look that’s perfect for you. And when your friends sign up for their own free membership, you can all share fashion ideas and tips.

The site also features a bulletin board where members can sell or swap items. And new features are being added every day.

From summer styles to winter wear, spring looks to fall fashions, let assist you with all your fashion needs. Bookmark this page and sign up to gain access to your exclusive and personalized, members-only virtual online closet.

About MyWardrobe:

MyWardrobe, LLC ( was created in 2008 to help women and men of all ages look their best. Our creator, Keesha Parsons, envisioned a website not only for the style and fashion-challenged but for everyone with an unquenchable taste for style and fashion.


Keesha Parsons is no stranger to hard work, perseverance, and relentlessly following her dreams. Having worked in the field of trademark law since she was 18 years old, Keesha has continued on to obtain her bachelor´s and graduate degrees in both Law and Business.

Keesha has often said that her drive, focus, determination for success, and an insatiable hunger to own her own business is part of her DNA. During her many sleepless nights trying to figure out a way to fuse her insatiable love of style and fashion with her entrepreneurial aspirations, came the idea for

Armed with experience, education, creativity, and a drive to succeed, Keesha Parsons presents her fashion-infused website,, to the fashion impaired, to those looking to upgrade their wardrobe and style, and to those who love fashion as much as Keesha does.


Latoya has worked in fashion for almost 5 years providing style advice to clients for special occasions including weddings, various industry events and fashion shows. Her eye for fashion has positioned her as an expert in the fashion field and she has worked with clients in the United States and Jamaica.


Kristie Cherry entered the fashion industry in 2007 as a freelance stylist for small fashion shows in New York. Since then, Kristie has been involved with various fashion shows around the United States; styling models for the runway and for photo shoots, with a knack for matching hair, makeup and clothing to bring out the best in clothing design and accessories.

Kristie also spends time styling her clients for major events, special occasions and independent film projects. Kristie’s experience extends into offering beauty advice and makeup tips for up and coming models and actors.