Bold and Beautiful 2010 Jewellery trends


Most decades have had very unique fashion trends that are instantly recognisable. Who can forget the petticoats of the fifties, miniskirts of the sixties or flared trousers of the seventies?

Since the nineties though, it seems that not so much one particular new style is dominant but rather a mix of styles, many of which offer a modern interpretation of a past trend.

This is set to continue in 2010 and is prominent in fashion as well as jewellery. Some of the hottest jewellery trends this season are stacking, layering and statement pieces.


Mixed and matched bangles bring back memories of Madonna’s famous eighties look. The noughties, though, take it one step further: now the trend is to pile up several rings on the same finger.

Different metals, shapes and sizes can all be combined. The strict distinction between silver and gold almost has a dated feel. Instead, the harmonious blend of different metallic tones lends jewellery an up-to-the minute look.


A similar trend can be seen with necklaces. Double chains feature heavily in this season’s new collections. Long necklaces are wound around the neck several times or teamed with shorter necklaces – the more the better!

Statement pieces

The trend of wearing big statement jewellery pieces continues. Chunky necklaces and big cocktail rings set a bold and original tone to an outfit.

Such a wide variety of trends offers more options than ever for asserting your individuality. Pick the styles that suit you best and combine these different fashions in your own unique way! Be creative and mix and match your favorite bangles, cocktail rings or statement necklaces today