Chelsea Hobbs was born in Vancouver, Canada and has been singing, dancing and acting almost as soon as she could walk, performing for anyone who would grant her audience. Chelsea’s formal training began at the age of three, when she started dancing several hours a day, six days a week. Her parents, after divorcing when Chelsea was only seven, enrolled her in acting classes so that she would have another creative outlet. It took them no time at all to realize that Chelsea’s talents were too big for recitals and children’s plays. Over the course of her youth, Chelsea appeared in over 40 commercials and subsequently booked a role over hundreds of other girls in the kids’ improvisational TV series, “No Adults Aloud”. Chelsea’s educational career was quickly fast-tracked from an advanced secondary school arts curriculum, to being enrolled in an intensive acting program with students five years her senior and over, to graduating from home-school on-set at the age of 16. Chelsea’s lead role as “Gerda” in Hallmark’s “Snow Queen” and the Leo Award nomination she received for it, brought her attention from the States and before she knew it, she was living in Los Angeles with a TV pilot (“Save the Last Dance”) under her belt and a budding film career ahead of her. Over her several years of acting in L.A., Chelsea had a re-occurring role on the hit show “The L Word” and was fortunate enough to play a part in “Lords of Dogtown” with Heath Ledger as well as “Beach Girls”, a made for Lifetime movie with Rob Lowe. Her role in “Beach Girls” was such a hit with the network, Chelsea was brought back to star in more Lifetime films as the good girl gone bad in “The Party Never Stops: Diary of a Binge Drinker and Confessions of a Go-Go Girl”, which also led to her appearing on CBS’s “Cold Case” as a murderous pin-up girl. Soon after, Chelsea landed (or stuck, rather) the role of top gymnast, Emily Kmetko in ABC Family’s newest series, “Make It or Break It”.