The 411:When hard times hit a small mining town, Power (writer-director Ari Gold) doesn’t wish for riches. He only wishes that he’d learned to play drums. Unfortunately for Power, his father (Michael McKean) could never afford to buy him a drum set, so Power has embraced the next best thing: air drumming.

The Good: This is a comedy from start to finish with a little bit of romance added to it for good measure. The romance occurs where Power gets a girl that would normally be out of his league, one that actually enjoys his love and passion for air drumming. This is a Napoleon Dynamite movie from start to finish where the outcast and geek becomes the hero. You’ll sit in your chair and actually grow feelings for the main character and wish him luck in his journey to become an air drumming legend. I also liked the small part that Adrian Grenier (Entourage) plays as Dallas H, a multimillionaire who plays drums for real but has a love that he hides from his dad for air drumming.

The Bad: As with most movies, its predictable,kind of ridiculous and over the top but that’s what makes the movie so good.

The Last Word: As with a previous movie that I have reviewed recently, its a great date movie that your date actually will enjoy as much as you do. You’ll walk out drumming to your imaginary song in your head. Its perfect timing as everyone things they are a rock star with guitar hero and DJ Hero video games selling like hot cakes.

Theater, DVD, or Cable in a few years: It will be a success in any category but watching it in a theater with surround sound is so worth it!