What do you like best about your work: What’s best about my work is the creativeness I get to have, the opportunity to constantly travel, and the opportunities to meet so many beautiful people.

Most memorable experience on top model: My most memorable moment was when Tyra had her nervous breakdown when she was yelling at Tiffany, the room shattered with fear.

Favorite thing in closet: That’s for me to know and you to find out. (laughs) Actually, my favorite thing is definitely my Dolce and Gabanna suits.

Who is your favorite couture designer: Jean Paul Gaultier is my favorite couture designer, for his everlasting fantasy of fashion.

What are your Influences: My influences are life—I am influenced by walking streets of London, Paris, New York, Milan… people are my influences.

Where did you learn to design? Designing was in my blood. Growing up with a mom who loved fashion and a father who loved design allowed me to immerse myself in the beautiful culture of New York. That really taught be everything I know.

What do you do for fun: I play with my gorgeous dogs, all 8 of them, I walk them separately.

What can you tell Runway that the rest of the world doesn’t know: I love to dress casually. I love t-shirts and jeans and… sweatpants!

Who are some of your clients: I have worked with Hugh Jackman, Ricky Martin and Tyra Banks among many fabulous others, but currently I’m working with top models and true beauty models.

Tell us about your modeling agency: My agency is one of the top modeling agencies in the country right now, featuring 9 of the top male models in the world.

What is in the future for you? Creating my own fashion collection and a dog collection and hopefully seeing me more on television!