Tell us which outfit was your favorite from the RUNWAY photo shoot?

There were so many amazing looks! I think the iridescent bustier with the white skirt was my favorite! After I put it on and saw everything together! It just felt so magical!

What designers do you like?
My favorite designers are Alexander McQueen and I love Oscar de la Renta’s dresses! There’s actually a new fashion line called Situationist from the Republic of Georgia that I’ve started to fall in love with! I love their fall line!

Tell us about your shoe and boot collection.

I’m all about boots! I love thigh high boots in all colors. I’ve got long legs so I have a lot of room to let the boot shine without taking away from my legs. For this shoot, I wore a lot of velvet boots because they just look so great under lights and they feel so soft.

What does a girl need in her purse at all times?

Besides her coins… A good tinted lip gloss, and a pair of rockin shades!

What kind of bass do you play?

I play a Fender jazz bass! The sound gets booties shakin!

Who inspires you?

The late great Prince inspires me. He was a great friend. I loved his music, his spirit, and his shoes! I always wanted to borrow them!

What do you do to unwind?

I love baths! Nothing gets me relaxed and in a happy mood like a bath with lots of bubbles and good music. I also love to watch reruns of Friends on Netflix

Tell us about what’s planned next for you.

My wedding!!!! Some cool collaborations on my new album, which comes out in the spring!!! And I am currently working on a documentary.