During the covid break the research and development department of RUNWAY has been extremely busy. With a extremely low need for event news the company has branched into the banking business. Couture Coin is the future of Luxury Goods and Services.
Collect them and get exclusive products that can not be bought with fiat. These are the worlds finest items available only with Couture(CTUR) backed by the RUNWAY brand. Manufactures and participates get free advertising in RUNWAY magazine and RUNWAY TV so high end dealers are extremely interested.
THIS IS A VERY OLD MEDIA COMPANY,  known for high end products worldwide, research easily done at www.runwaymediakit.com or runway.net   
so back Couture if you want items no one else can get.
The good links will be found in RUNWAY magazine digital, free on the website. The company will also be able to discredit the copy cats companies of RUNWAY as without the ability to accept CTUR they will be immediately exposed to the Elite. Check out the website www.couturecoin.org and the coin is listed on DEXTOOLS although it in pre sale stages. Early investors should see quite a large increase in their investment in what most major media brand are calling the new coin of luxury.

Telegram : t.me/couturecoin
Facebook: www.facebook.com/couturecoin
Twitter: www.twitter.com/couturecoin
GitHub: https://github.com/orgs/couturecoin/