The World’s First Snap Bra and the First True Evolution of the Bra in Generations

The socially oriented Universe Bra, the first ever snap bra, is a multi-way garment that transforms between classic, halter, cross-back, free-people back, and racer back styles. Launched today on Kickstarter, Simply Me’s Universe Bra has a signature red bra cup lining, and comes with an extra set of red bra straps that provide additional style options while showing-off the wearer’s support for women’s equality. The product will retail for $65, significantly lower than the approximate $250 that five separate similar style bras cost.

The revolutionary and proprietary feature – a snap – connects the bra straps and back band to allow quick and easy transitioning for all variety of wardrobe needs. The removable snap bra straps can be adjusted on the front of the body to maximize support and comfort. When changing from a classic style to a cross-back, free-people back, or racer back, the straps naturally pivot from the snap design, creating a comfortable experience by eliminating pulling on the upper body or distorting of the bra shape.

Simply Me founder Simeon Dacumos takes a stance of “no discrimination” in his designs, emphasizing that his target market is not limited to one particular type of woman. “A bra doesn’t discriminate, neither do we. We provide a clean canvas for a woman to imagine herself in the product without the hindrances of whether they ‘fit’ the preconceived brand image,” explains Dacumos.

Each Universe Bra comes inside a satin drawstring bag perfect for travel. All product is shipped within a high-quality custom box for stylish home storage or gift giving.


  • Style/Fit: Demi cup
  • Proprietary snap design adorned with Simply Me’s iconic heart-in-heart logo
  • Removable snap bra straps in signature red
  • Snap back band
  • Signature red bra cup lining
  • Snap hardware
  • Embossed heart-in-heart logo connecting the two bra cups
  • Hygienic strip lining

About Simply Me™:
A San Francisco based firm founded by the “Bra Doctor” Simeon Dacumos, Simply Me is a community of women and men who believe in women’s empowerment. One Womb™, Simply Me’s social movement, is breaking down the objectification of women by upholding the value that we all come from one womb, our mother’s.

Every bra sale will contribute resources towards education, and raise the standard of living for women throughout the world. Further details available: