Author, speaker, and model Christine Handy recently announced she would appear during Miami Swim Week in July for the second time.  As part of her activism, Handy has spent years raising awareness for a wide variety of breast cancer survivors’ issues. Since her own battle with the deadly disease, she continues to help clarify and evolve society’s notions of feminine beauty. Now serving as a proud flat-chested model, Handy motivates others to strive for personal growth and to give back to their communities, all while making the most of every single day.

“Through the unimaginable, I’ve realized there is always purpose in pain,” Handy said. “My passion is really to get this message out there and inspire others. I want to help other women survive and thrive.”  Whether walking on the runway in New York Fashion week or Miami Swim week, Handy continues to make a splash.

Propelled into a new role as both a flat model and an advocate for breast cancer survivors, Handy has risen to the occasion with both grace and grit. When she is not walking on the runway, you can find her behind the scenes at the shows reminding the other models that beauty and self love are an inside job. Demonstrating her passion for community service and a commitment to making a difference, she has also won awards like The Wonder Woman Initiative for her humanitarian service.


Matt Roy : photographer