Leonardo DiCaprio, a known lover of catching some waves, countlessly takes to the waves on jet skis and surf boards. He is not against trying new things, and to that point, late last summer he was seen propelling himself into the air with a new water jet pack. The Flyboard, made by Zapata Racing, sells for around $6,000 and gives you the sensation of flying. While the price range may keep these new toys out of the hands of the average Joe, the Flyboard is touted as one of the hottest new toys to try on the water.

Austin Mahone celebrated his 18th birthday in Miami riding waves with friends back in April. The teen singer, whose debut album The Secret came out in late May, spent the day riding his jet ski and celebrating on the beach sans shirt. Photos from the day spread like wildfire throughout the internet, as a testament to Mahone’s all-smiles birthday celebration, while his fans celebrated his abs.

When you think of hitting the sea in style, you might envision hopping aboard a mega-yacht very similar to Johnny Depp’s “Vajoliroja.” With an impressive length of 156 feet, it includes a library, full dining area, master suite and plenty of wide-open space for guests. There isn’t much left to be desired on the Transcendence star’s yacht. But why take my word for it? If you want to see for yourself, and happen to have an extra $130,000 per week lying around, the yacht is available for rent. However, sadly, no, you don’t get to stay there WITH Johnny Depp.

Rihanna recently spent some time in her home country of Barbados catching some sun and riding around on a jet ski. The singer, and Balmain model extraordinaire, rode in true pop star form— seriously, who looks that fabulous riding a jet ski? Bikini-clad Rihanna may be seen out on those waves a lot this summer, as she reportedly spent $22 million on a beachside villa in Barbados last fall.

Legendary Italian designer Giorgio Armani is known for his elegant and classic designs, so it’s no surprise that his yacht is a timeless, beautiful masterpiece. Given the title, Maìn, it boasts a cruising speed of 14 knots and a top speed of 17 knots. The 150 foot yacht was designed by architect Giancarlo Ortelli and cost more than $60 million to make. Armani, who has referred to the Maìn as his refuge, doesn’t like to use his yacht for parties. He does, however, invite the fashion world’s most elite aboard. But be warned: if you ever step afoot the Maìn, you have to adhere to Armani’s strict daily schedule. That’s a small price to pay, don’t you think?