Friendships are great – having guy friends are usually no-hassle and drama-free, but when one of you has feelings for the other, and it’s not mutual, things could end in disaster. Egos will be bruised, feelings hurt, and you may just end up hating him for loving you like a “sister”. (The best way to stab a girl directly in the heart!)

How do you know you’ve hit the friend zone? And how can you prevent your potential romance from getting stuck?

Runway has some easy to follow tips and signs.

Limit Your Dates

Though you may be eager to spend as much time as possible with your crush, who seems to be just as interested in spending time with you, try to space hang time out. For instance, if he wants to go to dinner with you on Saturday, don’t agree to brunch with him on Sunday—unless there was some serious make-out time the night before. If your romantic interest is inviting you on casual dates a few times a week with no physical contact, chances are you’re headed to friendville, or you’re already there. We’re not saying play hard to get, but don’t be available at anyone’s beck and call. Some guys will take advantage of that, whether they just want to be friends or more.

Don’t Change For Him

This is a given whether the guy is your husband, boyfriend, or friend, but it’s really difficult to remember, or even realize, when romantic feelings are involved. Maybe you hate football and start watching games at the bar every Sunday because he wants you to. Oh, and you hate bars, too. Or maybe your crush loves blondes and so you suddenly want to lighten your hair. It’s one thing to open your mind to a new hobby or idea, but if you’re changing who you are for someone, chances are, friend zone or not, you’re doomed for failure.

Keep Your Options Open

If you think love is in the air with this guy, don’t flaunt other men in his face, but don’t clear your dating schedule to make more room for him, either. Guys can be confusing and girls can take their attention, like showing up at your door to watch movies together, as romance, when really he was bored and wanted a buddy. Taking all other guys off the table without knowing where you stand is a bad idea, and is setting yourself up for disappointment. If this guy is making it known you’re dating, like kissing you at the end of each encounter and holding your hand, then by all means, put all other guys on hold until further notice.