When Opposites Attract


So many of us out there look for our “soul mate” or perfect complement when it comes to relationships. But it’s true that your complete opposite can be just that. Sometimes someone that seems so different at first, can end up making the biggest impact, for the better. This type of relationship makes you reflect on yourself and grow. This reflection can help you to adjust and compromise in the relationship and helps you to find your true self. You also learn to take your partner for all they are and appreciate what they have to offer. You learn to understand their true intention is to be with the true you, not a mirrored vision of themselves, or someone they are looking to change.

There are still some key elements to the theory of “opposites attract”, to explore. No one can deny nature’s way of making us look to attributes such as physical attraction, similar life goals, similar parenting styles, financial organization, education and social class. Society gets so stuck in the rut of what’s “right” and “accepted”, that sometimes it’s what’s wrong, or “different”, that rewards us more in the long run. Again, it is finding the one that can help you grow, and discover areas of your life outside your comfort zone.

For example, like most of us, we have a typical mate that we are attracted too. But what if you stepped outside your box and let yourself gravitate towards someone else? Social status and education was at the top of the list when we asked for “important traits” in a mate. Yet, we have to take into consideration that some people out there might not have been given the same opportunities. By getting to know someone that grew up differently than you, or by listening to his or her story, it may give you insight on someone you may not have thought about twice.

The notion of “opposites attract” is about going beyond judging the book by its cover. Instead, it is about diving in, reading the words on the page inside a story that could very well unravel into very workable relationship.