The Makeup Bullet is useful for foundation and eye shadow blending, so its small, narrow shape adds extra versatility. The ability to slip your finger into the tool makes it very easy to use, because it is just like applying makeup with your finger. With the finger grip, it reduces the risk of dropping the tool while using it.

With the ability to use The Makeup Bullet wet or dry, you can achieve two different looks with your makeup by just wetting the tip of the tool.

Whether applying foundation, blush or eye shadow, The Makeup Bullet can accommodate any need and is a quick fix for any unblended areas.

The Makeup Bullet is sold online for $14.95 or in a pack of three for $24.95, a steal in comparison to its more expensive competitors. They are also reusable, so they just need to be washed and dried and then they are as good as new.

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Samantha Stull for Clarissa International Media Group

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