So many times purses are cute, but sacrifice being well-made for a more fashionable look. A good purse must master both reliability and style. Purses go everywhere with us, a lot of the times our favorite purses are with us more than our own friends. So, if a purse is going to be with us all the time it might as well look great while also being functional as well. Bam Bags does just that.

Bam Bags are purses, backpacks and tote bags completely made out of one continuous zipper. Bam Bags are taking something as simple as a zipper and turning it into something as important as a purse. Bam Bags come in all different shapes and styles to accommodate every possible need a person could have. They come in a wide variety of colors that appeal to a large array of customers.

Also, each bag comes with several different compartments installed to keep everything within the purse organized. Originating in Denver, Colorado they have expanded their business to sell in stores in most states around the country, as well as in the UK. If you can’t find a store near you, they have an even larger selection to choose from in their online store.

Bam Bags are proven to be durable and able to handle the wear and tear of being a purse used on a daily basis. Bam Bags are unique because they give a different spin to the normal look of an everyday purse, while still keeping the functionality and appeal of any other regular purse bought in most stores. Bam Bags is highlighting what makes a purse an important part of daily life and executing it to perfection with their products. Not only are Bam Bags functional, but they still maintain exactly what makes a good purse good, while taking it to the next level.

By Gisele Smith for Clarissa International Media Group

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