The History Behind CHI


As a child, he would often help his mother make dyes from plants and vegetables in the Palestinian village they lived in. “Coloring hair became an art for me – art on a live canvas.” Against family wishes, he attended school in Arkansas. His dream was almost averted when he found out he was allergic to ammonia, an ingredient in hair dyes. Instead of giving up, he created the world’s first ammonia-free hair dye.

Farouk Systems is a one billion dollar year company and employs around 2,000 employees. Farouk collaborated with NASA scientists to create the CHI line and has loyal clientele such as Madonna, Demi Moore and Courtney Cox. Chi has received numerous awards such as Best Defrizer for Beauty Launchpad’s Readers Choice Awards and many more. Shami said his business all started with a dream “to provide my fellow hair artists with a safer workplace, an environment free of harsh chemicals, advanced knowledge through education and new professional-only systems that could not be duplicated at home.”

CHI Silk Infusion is one of the many products that CHI offers. Silk Infusion is a leave in Alcohol Free reconstruction treatment promoting softer and smoother hair. It also protects your hair from mechanical and environmental damage. All CHI products contain positively charged silk molecules to build strength and improve moisture.

I recently tried the product myself. I really had no idea to what except since I had never heard of this company before. I live in the Southwest and with all the dry desert air my hair gets very dry quickly. I used the Silk Infusion on my hair (it is also good on the skin) by rubbing some drops in my hair. It was really easy to use and a little bit went a long way, so there was no need to use the entire bottle in one application. My hair felt lighter and I went about my day. I really noticed a huge difference the next day when I washed my hair. It was so smooth, soft and full of life. I felt like that girl in the commercial continuously tossing my hair around because I was just amazed at how different it was. It really did feel silky smooth.

By Tatyana Soto for Clarissa International Media Group

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